Whither Chilidog Software?

(Thomas E Ballard) #1

I did finally get in touch with them another way, but it sure appears that a lot of stuff is broken on their web site.

(Michael Frankland) #2

You can contact @barchard Gregory here and I’m sure he’ll be right in there to help :slight_smile:

(Gregory Barchard) #3

@tballard glad you got my message. please follow up and let me know what wasn’t working and I will look into it. thanks!

(Thomas E Ballard) #4

I think my problem was that I was contacting chilidogsoftware(dot)com (which bounces back) as opposed to chilidoghosting(dot)com. The general inquiry form on the support page was also giving an error, so that kind of compounded the issue. Thanks to the forums here for helping me solve this!

(Gregory Barchard) #5

Just a FYI, there are two Ls in Chillidog so it should be chillidogsoftware.com which shouldn’t bounce :slight_smile:

Glad you’re sorted.


(Thomas E Ballard) #6

There’s a facepalm on my part, lol. Thanks for straightening me out.

(Andy D) #7

Yeah Chief Chillidog is a very fast responder actually!

(system) #8

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