ISO Stack: Timed Appearance

(Aaron Welch) #1

I’m looking for a Stack that allows me to embed (superimpose) links over a video at timed sequences—and then to disappear at a specified time. The option to “answer” questions (clicking one of two or more links) is important. Do you have such a Stack?


(Brandon Scott Corlett) #2

I haven’t seen any stacks that do this. You could probably hack something together using some stacks and custom script. However, it would be easier to upload to YouTube and use the built in editor. Then you can use your favorite YouTube stack.

(Aaron Welch) #3

Now there, an idea! Thanks, Brandon!

(Aaron Welch) #4

Oh! Do you think Vimeo has the same capabilities to edit video with these features?

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #5

This 2015 article shows how to put links at the end of your video.

It’s possible they have updated their features.