Roll-Over Image + Video + Lightbox


I’ve searched and experimented, but I haven’t figured it out yet, so I thought I’d reach out to the community here.

I would like to have a roll-over image (two images of my choosing) that opens up a Vimeo video in a Lightbox. That’s it.

How would you go about doing this?

You could use Joe Workman’s Mask stack inside of an Expose stack. Then in the lightbox of the expose stack, a Vimeo stack.

Thanks for your reply.

I took a look at the Expose stack. I noticed a fluttering effect with the light-boxed Vimeo videos. (I’m running Safari 8.0.6). Seems like a glitch? Also, can the Expose stack’s “X” be adjusted to be larger and with a different color?

It’d be great if these stacks had demos like stacks4stacks does, so we could run tests to see if a product works before purchasing!

So Will Woodgate’s HoverBox and TopBox did the trick and Will was kind enough to take me through the set up.

In case anyone else ends up searching for a solution, this is what worked for me. The TopBox stack is placed outside of the HoverBox stack. I set a custom trigger in TopBox. In the HoverBox settings, I set the link to # and, within the custom attributes, add a class with the TopBox’s custom trigger name. Works like a charm.

Thanks again, Will! Phenomenal customer service – especially considering I was using the demo versions, so I wasn’t technically a customer yet. Heading over to to change that.

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