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I please need help with the Video Embed Stack(Foundry). I would like to use my Video from youtube but I would also like to hide the buttons and the time and also the title. How can this be done? Moreover i would like that the video starts playing right now after opening the website. Finally to hide or disable the relevant videos, and that it is a loop video, running all the time.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, you can set the autoplay feature in the stack, but for all other options you may need another stack. I self-host my videos and do not use Vimeo and use the VideoPlayer stack to display them:

This stack has a free tryout version, so give it a spin.

thanks for your reply. But where do you self-host them? And how?

And how can you set then all the features like autoplay and so on?

You set the features in the stack settings. Did you try them?

For self-hosting: you just export it from Vimeo and place it in the ressources of RW. Then you select them in the stack settings.

Oh sounds good. Could you exactly tell me how this is done?


Thanks. How can it be set up, that the Video Player stack is a Loop Video, it does not work for me?

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