Cannot Authorize Rapidweaver!

Hello all,
Happy Rapidweaver user here. I’m having a strange issue… On my new machine, I can’t seem to authorize RW7. I enter the correct email and registration number, and no luck. I’m quadruple checked the number and the email, so I know that I’m entering the correct info. Any ideas why this might be happening? Any insight appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi, perhaps you have exceeded the number of allowed installations. Did you deauthorize the software on the old Mac?

Thanks for the response Jan!

I tried deauthorizing, no luck… although maybe I didn’t give it enough time? (a few hours)

Then you should contact the realmac support. @dan ?

I would suggest contacting support directly


Hi @embertone - give us a shout at and we’ll get you sorted in a jiffy! :slight_smile:

Already did. Thanks!


Alex - can you quit RW, re-open and try again?

By the way, I see your ticket is still pending approval (you’ll need to confirm your email before we receive the ticket).

Tried that! And I will confirm thanks


Sorry, should’ve clarified - I’ve made some changes to your license - can you try these steps once more (assuming you haven’t since I’ve made these updates)?


All works now, thank you so much!

Alex Davis
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Awesome, thanks for letting me know! Happy Weaving! :slight_smile: