JS Variable + Form Field

I have some JavaScript on my page which contains a variable.

The script is run on a click event.

I would like to have a form field that allows for a visitor to input a value for the variable before running the script.

I’ve been search around for a solution, but nothing I’ve found appears to be the answer.

Anyone have any tips for what I should be googling?



I’m not sure I’m following you correctly but basically you want to have a one field form that then runs a script (like you would run a validation script) onsubmit ? Similar to this?
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The part of the script that needs the variable looks like this.

$(".myButton").click (function(){ $.post( "https://www.url.com", { "value1" : "FORM_VARIABLE"} ); });

I imaging having a form field who’s value will be populated as the value1