Formloom 4 - dynamic content - seeking help!


I’m a very long time RapidWeaver fan/supporter/user. Right now I’m designing a set of employee surveys using FormLoom 4. Shameless plug, I find FormLoom 4 an excellent plug-in, and can highly recommend it!

My data is on a MySQL database on a Linux server hosted by MacHighway (so not GoDaddy or one of those types).

FormLoom 4 can take data from a SQL database and show it to the user two different ways, according to these pages:

Dynamic variables as default item:

I’m pretty good with SQL, the data entered using FormLoom 4 enters in the SQL database perfectly. but can’t get either of these to work with FormLoom 4 to get the data from my SQL database.

I even set up a test MySQL database with only one table, one field, one record, and still could not get any results output. The output was literally blank.

Here is an example of the code. This is for an employee database, and this part shows an employee their start time (which is stored in the MySQL database) using a TextArea page in FormLoom 4:

Your regular start time is: <?php echo $_GET[‘start_time’];?>

Yes, Value Escaping Default is checked. Any help or tutorials or guidance to do this would be warmly appreciated!

The survey I’m working on is at:

Thanks a ton!

Russ Conte

Send me a support ticket and I will take a quick look at it.

Thanks! I sent a support ticket, but my Mac crashed as it was sent, let me know if I need to re-send it.

The support is excellent, thank you very much!

Russ Conte

Try again, I did not receive anything

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