Jumping from Page to Page

How do I create or edit pages so that when I click on page link it jumps directly to that page without scrolling down? Is this what the offsite Page is for? It doesn’t work when I preview the page from chrome or from the page list. I am new to this, so please bare with me as I try to figure things out.

Not sure what you mean here? a A link to another page shouldn’t scroll down. Are you linking to a page on the same site or a page on another site?

Do you wnat the link in the navigation or as a text or image on the page that links to another page?

Either or both. The page is not live yet; however, I need the link to open in a new window or jump to the page I need. I have used both the Mountain and the Climate themes (a complete novice with rapidweaver) but it appears that when I add a styled text page, it just appends it to the bottom of the last page and I can only see it when I scroll down, otherwise, the banner is always prominent.

If I understand what you’re saying, the issue is when you go to the second page you have to scroll to get to the content?

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