Jumping to the top of the page

Since the upgrade to 6.2.4 I have a problem with trying to make changes to a page. If I’m working at the bottom of a page and try to adjust anything on the page the page will jump to the top of the page preventing me from making a change. I have to keep scrolling back to where I was working. This problem makes it almost impossible to make adjustments to a page.

Are you using a Stacks page? If so, this is one for @isaiah


Thanks for the suggestion, will do.

I’ve seen this before in stacks a few times – it usually happens when there’s some bad HTML/CSS on the page. So, if you’ve brought in some code or typed in some code by hand, then that’s the first place to look.

If it’s not that, then I’ll probably need to see the file to help any further, so please contact our support folks and share your RapidWeaver file with them (via Dropbox or similar) and we can take a look and offer more specific advice.


Found the problem. There was an upgrade to the Theme and when loaded seemed to solve the problem. Thanks for your response.

I’ve had this quite a bit over the years and learned to live with it.

This morning I’ve had an example which highlights a specific action to trigger it so @isaiah you may find it of interest.

I like to use an option/alt drag to copy and multiply stacks within a page.

I’ve found that if I just drag a stack in from Stack Elements there is no page movement.
Say for example I want 5 text stacks on a page so I drag in 5 instances of the bog standard Text stack.

However if I use the option/alt key to propagate stacks then after each addition the page jumps to the top (before resettling back to the work area again).
eg. I drag in a Text stack - no movement.
I hold option/alt and then drag this stack as the method to get my 5 instances.
Each time the page jumps to the top.

Moving stacks around a page doesn’t trigger the jump to top of page but as soon as I use the ‘option drag’ the jump occurs.

(RW 2.6.4. - latest Stacks)

@hankco: since stacks layout area doesn’t interact with the theme at all – to be technically accurate it is not possible for the theme to have any effect on that behavior.

I would guess that you’re likely talking about some “framework” type package where theme and stacks come together (such as Foundation or FreeStack) – in which case it’s hard to differentiate where the theme ends and the stacks begin. I just wanted to make this point in case someone else comes here looking for that answer.

Needless to say, I’m glad whatever change was the magic bullet, it was found and you’re back to working! At the end of the day, that’s what matters. :slight_smile:


@ricinport: as i mentioned above, generally jumping behavior in edit mode (actually any HTML rendering type problems) are cause for concern that there is some content on your page that is causing WebKit to have a hard time.

there are three broad reasons i’ve seen this happen:

  1. Bad HTML/CSS: if you enter HTML by hand Stacks puts that code verbatim onto the page. If you enter bad code, that bad code can cause webkit to fail to render – or render badly causing Edit mode to do strange things like jump around, misalign, or no longer select item.

  2. Bad Styled Text: if you bring rich text from another app (like MS Word) the RapidWeaver styled text engine may not be able to render them. It can cause issues. I wrote more about that situation and how to solve it here: http://cafe.yourhead.com/?qa=47/why-does-text-copied-from-other-apps-look-strange&show=47

  3. Too much: Web Pages are made to be transmitted over (relatively slow) internet connections. For this reason they cannot be very complex or very large. If you add enough content/stacks/whatever to a page eventually it will start to slow down. It’s a good rule of thumb that if things start to slow down within Stacks then they will probably be slow for your visitors too. What to do: KISS (Keep It Stupidly Simple) – break your content over a few pages. Remove complex scripts. Keep animation/effects to just what is required. Use moderately sized images. These are general web page guidelines that aren’t specific to stacks, but just best practice.

If none of those things seem to help: if you notice jumping even on a new page with built-in stacks, then send our support folks an email. We can help.


Just wanted to add: in RapidWeaver 6.3, we’ll be adding a new behaviour to preview mode that remembers your scroll position in Preview when you’re switching constantly between Edit and Preview for a particular page.