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Hello Weavers,

I am trying to “Link” from a “word” (for instance), at a top of a page, to a place (a description of the word and/or stack?) further down the page…

I see websites do this all the time but I don’t think this is baked into RapidWeaver…?

What type of page are you working on? Styled Text, HTML Code, Stacks?

Thanks for your reply. It is a Stacks page - here:

There are 3 pictures (3 column stack) with discriptions of x-ray machines below that i want to “link from the pictures at the top - down the page” to

Ok, that makes things a bit easier.

First, you need to actually place an “anchor” one the page at the place where you want to scroll to. Then you can either link from a word or a button to that anchor. When you click either, the page will shift to that spot on the page.

For a basic implementation, I would get the Link and Anchor stacks from Joe Workman. It’s free and will make this easier. It includes a couple of stacks; one of which is used to create the anchor. Place the Anchor stack where you want to scroll to and give it an anchor name.

If you just want to link a single word, you can use the RW link feature. Highlight the word and then click the link button. In the link dialog, leave is set to “URL” and in the box next to it, put a “#” followed by the name you gave the anchor.

There are other anchor stacks that can smooth scroll the page to the anchor point, instead of just an immediate jump to that spot. It’s a bit nicer for the user. Here is one that does smooth scrolling. It also includes a stack for creating an anchor.

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You are amazing for such great info so quick - Many Thanks! Many Thanks! Many Thanks! Many Thanks! Many Thanks!

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