Just bought a stack with Paddle, Paddle any good at dealing with problems?

Just bought a stack using Paddle checkout, went through the process and foolishly forgot/missed to add the Black Friday discount code and transaction completed, damn!

There are a few other stacks I want to buy from the developer but luckily they have to be bought individually so I haven’t made this mistake with a larger costing for a collection of stacks, but am now really cautious as I’ve emailed Paddle with the silly mistake and am getting nowhere.

I got an email sent back from them to me instructing me to use the automated virtual assistant. After a number of questions using a number of different permutations of asking I get the same reply I do not understand your question.

After getting nowhere with the visual assistant I sent another email and then get a reply saying I’m sending too many emails with the same question, a bit of a telling off it felt and no indication of getting anywhere.

It just seems with Paddle there is no way to make contact with anybody with a problem, which worries me when dealing with credit cards.

I’m not mentioning the developer as they have done nothing wrong at all, I made the mistake with coupon entry, it is paddle I have concerns about as a bigger picture, I do want to buy more stacks from the seller, but I’m really unsure with using paddle, if something goes wrong in any other form there seems to be no way of getting hold of somebody at paddle and I’m giving them my credit card to work with.

What’s the deal with paddle? Anybody got a nicer story to put my mind at rest and convince it is ok to use?

Just contact the developer. He can give you a discount afterwards.

I use them as reseller. I am fine with them overall.

Contact the developer, explaining what happened. If it’s who I think it is, he’ll sort you out, I’m sure.

Thanks Jannis, good to hear you have no problems with Paddle, that’s reassuring, thanks for that.

To be fair I won’t send the developer on goose chase, I only lost out on about £4 with this stack and that was my fault and need it to be lesson learned, it was one of the cheaper stacks the developer sells, but even at full price it is a really damn good price for what it does.

It’s just the lack of any way to get in contact with Paddle has made me really cautious with letting Paddle process my credit card for the remaining stacks I want to purchase. So wanted a bit of reassurance really that they are ok to deal with.

Thanks Adam for the reply, think I must having been writing the last one when you posted.

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