Disaster on Cyber Monday

I took advantage of the CyberMonday sale to upgrade my v7 of RapidWeaver to the latest and everything seemed to go through OK but something seems to be not working as 5 hours later there’s no email for the new licence or download instructions nor can I retrieve my licence details.
Is there a problem as I’m getting no response from support


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Shooting an email to support may be your best bet. // @Aaron

Thanks, done that but still waiting! Hoping they will see this shout for help!

@reab I have spent most of the day chasing missing emails on behalf of customers. I use Paddle and I believe Realmac does too. Paddle has suffered some humongous technical failings over the past few days. It seems to have stalled again - because nothing has been processed in some hours and customers are telling me they are getting random error messages.

I’m not sure if Realmac uses Paddle for all parts of their store and subscription stuff. But if you remember buying RapidWeaver through a checkout that looks something like this, then you probably did the transaction via Paddle:

Screenshot 2020-11-30 at 19.40.24

Even if you don’t get the email notifications come through, there is a secret order lookup you can use here:

If you pop your email address in there, it will ask you to create a password (if you don’t have an account already). Once you are logged in, your RapidWeaver v8 download and license should be showing there. So you can download and start using them, without waiting for the missing emails to arrive.

Again this method is only applicable if you bought the upgrade through Paddle. If you did it elsewhere, then it would be best to await a communication back from Realmac to advise you.


Thanks for that Will, very helpful.
Yes RapidWeaver upgrade was via Paddle and I do have an account with them but unfortunately, it doesn’t recognize my account at the moment!
All part of the same problem I expect.
Time for a cup of tea and wait for another day to try again.
Thought Realmac software might have put up a notice to let their customers know!

Perhaps they, like yourself, were unaware?

Thanks, but I think they should have been aware Adam as I sent an email to support within 30 mins of the order complaining that I had not received any licence details. No response from support either after about 10 hours so far.
My expectations are not very high at the moment - still its a fresh day tomorrow so who knows! I wanted to use this a a prototype generator as I normally develop with Wordpress but it will have to wait it seems!

Hey Roger! Just resent your order emails. Let me know if those come through or not!

Also, apologies for the delay - we’ve had a huge influx of support emails the last few days. Appreciate your patience!

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Thanks, done that but still waiting! Hoping they will see this shout for help!

Nope, still nothing I’m afraid!

@lapdatcamera @reab Can you both check spam/junk folders? If still not there, we may need to manually send details over. Sorry to keep you waiting!

If you’re still having issues, send me an email directly - dan at Realmac Software dot com - and I’ll get you a license for RW8.

Thanks, Aaron manually forwarded me the details I needed

Excellent, glad to hear it was sorted, and sorry it took so long!