Just got RapidWeaver 7 and Foundry - do I need to buy Stacks 3 too?

Hi there

I’m moving over from Freeway Pro and have a question (may be daft). I have purchased RapidWeaver 7 and Foundry. Do I need to buy Stacks 3 or is that within either RapidWeaver or Foundry already?

Thanks in advance

I’m afraid you do, but it’s worth it. Foundry is amazing.

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Yes you need Stacks 3 as well. Feels like you’re buying a lot of stuff to get going but it’s worth it.

Welcome aboard.



Thanks for the super prompt replies - much appreciated.

I’ll go and buy Stacks 3 now. Just wanted to check to be sure!

I think I may be making good use of this fine forum as I go through the learning curve. RapidWeaver seems to have a lot to offer so I’m sure I’ll enjoy getting to grips with it.

Thanks again

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You’ll also find the Foundry forum, tutorial videos and documentation very useful.


Wow, you guys are fast! Thanks @NeilUK and @robbeattie!

@labanbrown The gentlemen are correct, you’ll need Stacks 3 to use Foundry, but you can make use of Stacks in so many ways. It works not only with Foundry but also with normal RapidWeaver themes. It is the must have plugin for RapidWeaver.


Hi Adam

Thanks for your note. I’ve now purchased a copy of Stacks and am looking forward to getting into Foundry. As @NeilUK suggests I’ll be checking out the videos and documentation.