Newbie, confused about Stacks, foundation, foundry

Please can some help explain.

Do I need to buy stacks and either foundation and/or foundry or do the three stacks work independently of each other and I only need to buy any one of the three to build custom websites?

Thanks in advance

To use Foundation or Foundry, you will require Stacks so minimum purchase would be RW + Stacks.

With Just stacks you can do a lot of what you need but I have to admit what having Foundation or Foundry or Source or Platform are ideal starting points and will save you a lot of time and money.

There are others and the RapidWeaver market place is a good portal to see what’s available




Thanks very much for your prompt reply and suggestions

That’s makes things much clearer for me.



No, you do not. But without them you will be severely limited in your capability to build anything but the simplest websites. Stacks is a plug-in that is a base for using all frameworks. Without Stacks plug-in none of the frameworks will work. Also, Stacks plug-in is a base for using various stacks (add-ons that expand functionality of RapidWeaver and allow you to build any kind of website you want).

Again, you do not have to buy either one of them. You can, instead, rely on pre-built themes (both free and paid), for instance from a place like Theme Flood (great Tech Support). That’s what I would recommend for starters.

Once you are familiar with using RW and themes, you could try your luck with so called “frameworks”. Those are blank themes that allow for much more creativity and freedom than pre-built themes. They come in a range of pricing from free ($0.00) to paid for (around $100).

My recommendation would be to start with the free Source framework which comes with a set of free stacks that get you started. The Tech Support of Source is second to none. Also, there is an Academy for learning Source.


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