Just launched a new Foundation based website for a client

It’s still not completely finished, but about 90% is done. I hope you like it: http://www.asb-birkenfeld.de
Some parts of the site can be edited by the client with Total CMS. :slight_smile:


Hi Matthias , mind i ask which stack you used for the google map on your site ?

Yes, of course. It’s “Map 2” by Doobox: https://www.doobox.co.uk/stacks_store/demos/map2.html

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Map 2 is a great stack.

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Very nice site apart from the colour scheme which was clearly forced upon you by the logo!

Thanks Peter. Yes, the color scheme is predetermined by the client (and its logo). No chance to change this…

How is the "floating " menu bar made ?

It’s simply a “Top Bar” stack placed underneath an “Impact” stack. See here for the stacks-layout… https://db.tt/WIrBsDrw … and here for the configuration of the Top Bar stack: https://db.tt/WIrBsDrw (important: the position is set to “sticky”). Hope this helps a bit…

i can see that you are using the structure stack with foundation. Is it useful?

yes thank you loads - just bought Impact , so another head ache starts - just when you think you’re at the top of the hill - you find another mountain !

@jochenabitz Can’t tell you if the structure stack is useful, but I hope so. :wink: Used it the first time in this project and hope it will have some positive effect on Google indexing results…

@leigh You didn’t have to buy “Impact” to just have the Top Bar underneath an image or an image slideshow. Although I can highly recommend this stack! :slight_smile:

yes worked that out straight after i bought it hahahah :frowning:
although just showed a customer what it does and he wants it now :slight_smile:
every cloud as they say …