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@weavium - thanks for your stack, I do like it a lot. However, the webpage called on an iPhone 6 keeps getting reloaded by the Safari browser due to a problem. On the macOS desktop using Safari everything is fine. Many moons ago I didn’t have this problem on the iPhone, it occurred out of nowhere. Maybe, I do have too many iCal calendar entries to handle on the iPhone? I’m not aware of any other webpage changes which might have lead to this error. I’m running Kalendar Version 2.0.3 and iPhone iOS 12.3.1.

You might have a look at: https://photolotse.de

I appreciate your help.

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Is anyone else facing problems rendering the kalendar stack on an iPhone?

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Hello @photolotse and @weavium

No problem displaying your website and calendar stack on my iPhone 7 running iOS 12.4.

Also looks good in my 9.7“ iPad in standard ‘landscape’ orientation, however, in ‘portrait’ mode, the event entries are cut-off on the left side. Not sure, whether this is limitation of the stack, or some unlucky choice of parameters.


I do get the issue on my iPhone 6…but not on my iPhone 10

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THX for testing, I’m on iOS 12.3.1.
Have to check the portait mode issue you have mentioned :slight_smile:

@joemart1951: An iPhone X I got hands on does behave well, too - THX

@weavium, @GKs
Switching from the “Day” / Tag" to the “Month” / “Monat” view on a friend’s iPhone 7 brought up the same error I’ve mentioned in my initial post. I would assume that the Kalendar stack might run into some kind of a Safari timeout problem when loading a lot of data on a low-perfomance iPhone. Just my 2 cents.

Hello Carsten,

I cannot confirm your findings on my iPhone 7 (128GB). It displays the long list of events without a hitch when switching between “Tag/Monat”. Yes, it is ‘pages after pages’ of entries to scroll through on the phone, but loading time is barely noticeable and no errors or hiccups occur (tested in both Safari and Chrome). Hence, there must be more subtle differences between the devices.

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Hello Gerd,

many thanks for taking the time giving feedback and to do some “Kalendar” tests on your iPhone 7 device using different browsers. Please, can you verify that selecting another month works properly?

Have a great Sunday,

There seems to be issues independent of using an iPhone or an iPad, whereas Safari on my computer works. On the mobile devices, I can go backwards in time to e.g. June or May, and the calendar shows the respective event list. However, the browser reports ‘a crashed website’, when attempting to going forward selecting e.g. ‘August’.

On the laptop this works, however, the browser shows all the time an error message ‘Failed to load resource’ - “https://photolotse.de/files/iCal.min.js.map” seems to be missing !

Afterwards, I connected e.g. the iPad to Safari on my Mac in order to use the web inspector on the iPad website - sure enough, the same error message about the missing file is reported.

Final observation, when I look a different test page with the calendar stack within Safari (though not published to a server), I do NOT encounter the same error message - maybe you want to republish your website with all files again.

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I’ve deleted everything on the server and republished all files. No file named “ical.min.js.map” is published in the file directory. However, I can find a reference to it in stacks_page_page0.js but it is commented out: //# sourceMappingURL=ical.min.js.map

iCal.js can be found on GitHub, it’s a Javascript iCal parser used in the stack but I have no clue of the purpose/function of ical.min.js.map yet. I also have to check where the mapping file is called from.

@GKs Thx for pointing to the ical.min.js.map file.

Copying a GitHub ical.min.js.map file into the file directory didn’t solve the problem with the iPhone 6, it was just a silly attempt given that I don’t know what’s the use of it and it might be generated dynamically.

The .map Files for js or css aren’t really needed. When a js or css file gets minified they the process often creates a source map file in order to help debugging by making the code more readable by developer tools and browser inspectors. It doesn’t really have anything to do with how the page is rendered.

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Hi there,

Thanks for the info. I will take a look and see if I can’t find out why the issue is occurring.

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