Weavium Kalendar Stack - Slow to Load

Just recently I purchased and downloaded your Kalendar 2.1.9 stack and have added it to my RapidWeaver 8.6.2
I have now published a calendar webpage with 6 external calendars of my iCloud calendars.

When the page initially loads, it takes over 15 seconds for the current month to load.
When I move forward or back month by month, it takes approximately 5 seconds for each month change to load.
I find the delay unacceptable and expect my users viewing this online calendar will not be impressed.

Any suggestions as to how to improve the refresh/load times?

macOS 10.15.4
RW 8.6.2
Kalendar 2.1.9


I don’t have the stack but is it as slow as that in RW preview?

The other thing I’d say is that you’re using a really old theme that’s not responsive. It may also be using out of date code that’s slowing everything down. Might be worth testing the kalendar stack again with a more modern theme to see if that makes a difference?

Thanks robbeattie for your suggestions.
It does the same in RW preview.
I did change the theme to a very simple one (iPhone) but there doesn’t seem to be any improvement.
The fact that when the page first loads, there is a circling arrow over the calendar, and I assume it is gathering data from the external ical link.

I have a site using Kalendar stack, it takes a 3-4 seconds to lead 2 Google calendars so 6 could take 15 seconds. Once leaded they don’t have much of a lag between the months.


Thanks Jonathan jspencer2 for your perspective.
Turns out that one of my external calendars has 8 years of many events per week.
I resolved my problem by purging everything but this year and all seems to good.
Now only 2+seconds to load which is very acceptable.

BTW, I like the nice clean look of your calendar. What Theme are you using?


Looks like Elixir’s Foundry framework.


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