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I use @weavium Kalendar’s stack but get the following message every time on safari: “This webpage uses a lot of memory. Your mac may respond faster if you close this webpage”. With Chrome this stack also causes a problem loading the page. I have already asked how I can solve this via the contact form on the website from @weavium but I get no response. If I delete and republish the project, the problem is solved, so it is clearly a problem with this stack. Is here a solution?

Greetz, Tom

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Hi there,

The problem comes when there are too many recurring events in your calendar. Im looking into a solution now.

Hi again, I’m working on updating the Kalendar stack right now. Is there any way you can send me your public calendar URL to our support email or via private message on this forum? That would help me to take a closer look at the issue. Thank you so much.

I just wanted to let you know that I pushed out a big update for Kalendar today that completely changes the way the recurring events are loaded in. It should be much more efficient and hopefully will solve your issue. There have also been some other neat features added such as a min-event display on when dates in the date-picker are hovered.

The latest version is 1.1.5

Next up is upcoming events! Stay tuned : )


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