Key commands and HUD

when working in the “edit” area of any stack the value stays highlighted. let me explain by an example: let’s say i change the top margin of a stack and i want to go to “preview” to see the results. of course, i want to blank out “library” and “edit HUD” to have the benefit of the full page. unfortunately i then add the letter “L” or “I” to the last value which of course brings up a warning of “improper value” or such. the only way to avoid this seems to be using the mouse to switch of “library” and “HUD” which is kind of counter productive. does anybody have a solution for that?
thanks much and greetings, tomas

@tnittner, Shift+Command+I to close HUD(Inspector/Info Pane), as far as L working for Stack Library, it doesn’t work unless it is in focus (active).

If Inspector/Info is detached as a Window or a Pop-Over, the command (Shift+Command+I) will put the Inspector/Info back as a sidebar first, then a second pressing of the same command will close the Inspector/Info pane

So, a work-a-round might be to move focus from the Inspector to a stack in the edit page, then do the Shift+Command+I and the L commands to close the relevant items, then do a preview with Command+R

I believe re-mapping of the shortcut keys is a feature request for RW7.

Please report issue to @dan and @nikf , might even be a Stacks issue

Hope that helps.

RW 6.3.5, Stacks 3.0.2, OSX 10.11.1