Text edits not displayed in Preview

I’m not sure if this is just me, or whether it’s a bug with Stacks 3 or RW 6.3.7. I make a text change to a stack and Ctrl R to preview it - but the change does not display. If I toggle between Edit and Preview, the change is displayed - but not always. The way around it is to click out of the edited stack before previewing. It’s very annoying and has only crept in recently. I get the same symptoms with different Themes. It doesn’t happen with non-Stacks pages. Can this be fixed?

Started happening to me, not sure when it started, must have been in the last few days or so, or what’s causing it but good to know it’s not just me - thought I was going loopy!

Best way to get this fixed is to report it to Yourhead support



A work-a-round for the time being is to press Command+R 3 times so that the stack content area gets ‘set’ (out of edit mode).

The issue is that Stacks 3.0.4 (maybe e earlier versions) are not seeing the stack as edited because the content for editing is still active.

Do as @zeebe says though.


Thanks Brad. Yes, this is what I have been doing. Have reported the issue to YourHead. Cheers.


I’ve seen this problem a lot lately too. One thing I found that helps is to exit the text stack you edited prior to doing Preview.

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This is what I had back from YourHead:

Unfortunately, this is a change that has come with RW6. RW6 made preview faster, but also added some limitations to what plugins can do. We cannot finish edits in the background, which is what needs to happen to see them without clicking out of the stack. So, if you want to be sure to see your edits, you do need to click out of the stack. There isn’t anything we can do to change that because of the limitations. Sorry.

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I’m surprised so few people have commented on the ‘issue’

The answer from YourHead is a reasonable one. What pressing Command+R does on the first press is display the page with the stack still in edit mode, pressing again, clears the edit mode of the stack and applies the changes, pressing again shows the edited content because the edits are now saved because the stack lost focus.

Not sure why just the Preview button does all this with one click though and the shortcut key requires 3, perhaps a programming glitch in RW @nikf?