Kuler Stacks AWOL?


I was wondering if anybody would do a set of stacks that do what Kuler stacks do. I could really use their functionality. There doesn’t seem to be a set of stacks that does exactly what they do. I am not able to purchase them and my attempts at contacting Kuler have been in vain.

Just thought I would throw this out in the the stacks etherium.


Which stack in particular? He sold quite a few.

You can still see the stacks he sold here http://kuler.solutions, but you can no longer buy them.

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This is some sad news perhaps.

Gary has clever good solutions like nobody else.

Gary Kuler went MIA from Rapidweaver over two years ago.
For a while the site was dead, but then mysteriously came back to life. Although you still can’t purchase anything and no one to my knowledge has herd a word about him or what happened.

yes Ive herd northing from Gary Berd . maybe he jumped to the Elementor ship with Nick Cates. A big rw loss:(

I am mainly looking for his MySQL package of stacks. Although he had a lot of good stacks. Wish someone would appropriate them and take up their further development. Joe Workman would do a good job with them.


As far as I know, several attempts were made to get in touch with him by Joe and others. All without success.

Gary is still around, just not doing Rw stuff anymore. It’s my understanding that he’s moved onto things in the political pundit arena.

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