is down? - NOPE!

Trying to go to but Will’s site is down.

Anybody know why?

My website is down too. I think there are internet issues going around. @willwood or @barchard any ideas? rwextras is down too.

Chillidog server Bell is down right now. Greg is on it

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Great, thx for update. I’m sure Greg will fix it asap :slight_smile:

yep working as fast as possible. data center issue at the moment affecting a large swatch of users, not just Chillidog. sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.



Damn. The Russians are hacking us Weavers too?

No. no. There was a hardware issue at the datacenter which affected the shared server. This caused a performance issue and prevented things from running properly. The hardware has been replaced and things are back to normal now. :0


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Since a fellow forum member suggested it, I use Statuscake to keep tabs on whether a site is up or down.

Then, because I use Chillidog for all new sites, I follow @barchard on Twitter because Greg’s pretty good at updating his feed when something’s ‘up’.


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Apologies to Will Woodgate and Gregory Barchard for any misunderstandings that resulted from my inquiry as to why Will’s site was down yesterday.

I made the post here because I was so surprised because Will Woodgate may be the most reliable and dependable of all RapidWeaver developers, and I’m even placing him above the fellows at RealMac.

I find Will’s help with all things RapidWeaver (and beyond) to be indispensable, and what actually prompted me to post here was the difficulty I had pulling up a google cache of one of his stack pages. I found that to be somewhat alarming.

As for the Russian hack comment, that was just a joke. I don’t think the Russians have hacked much of anything–except themselves.

(The current, perpetual tirade by the left in the US claiming Trump is president via a Russian hack mimics the same ruse they deployed after George W Bush won and re-won the first Florida count and then the re-count in 2000. The only thing that ended that continuous tirade were the events of September 11, 2001.)

In a private message to me Will also offered this sage bit of advice:

In future before you start posting “x website is not loading for me” comments, it would be my personal suggestion that common sense prevails and that you go to a website like and enter the website address. Seriously, that will tell you in just a few seconds where the problem is.

I did not know this resource existed, but somehow I shouldn’t really be surprised that Mr Woodgate did know about it.

This is not an April 1 joke.