Kuler MySQL - Still Supported?

(Peter Rood) #1

Hi Everyone

I have been looking for MySQL solutions to use with RW. I really like the simplicity and price point for Kuler MySQL stacks, but I have not heard anything from them and the most relevant content online is over a year old.

Does anyone know if that stack is still being supported?

Is there a similar option besides EasyDB? Their Price point is a little steep if I have to buy a license for every small project that could benefit from a DB.

(Doug Bennett) #2

(Joe Martin) #3

I am a users of a bunch of their stuff…
but I have not been able to get hold of them in a while…I am still trying…good stuff…

(Paul Dennison) #4

There was a thread earlier in the year about folk trying to see what had become of Gary from Kuler stacks, but I don’t think anyone was able to get hold of him. So I would assume that Kuler stacks are essentially out of business and unsupported.

(Peter Rood) #5

Thanks. That is kind of what I was thinking.

If there are out of business can I even still buy the stacks? They still seem useful. Just seems strange that there is an abandoned site out there still selling stuff.

(Joe Workman) #6

His website is down to my knowledge. I cannot get to it…

(Peter Rood) #7

That’s strange. I have been looking at it for the last few days. I ask one question on here and it goes offline. I guess that takes care of that. :roll_eyes:

(Peter Rood) #8

Time for you to start working on a MySQL replacement that plays nice with Foundation. I need search, results, and Detail pages. Or even better… a set of FileMaker Pro Stacks. That would be killer!

(Joe Martin) #9


Still looks up…I wish @joeworkman would take over his stuff…

(Joe Workman) #10

I have contacted Wesley many times over the years. I have no clue what has happened to him.

(Joe Martin) #11

I use his Ultimate Gallery all the time…I have not found anything that works as quick and easy.

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