Lander Pro Menu Size


My apologies if this has been covered, I did check.

The text in one of my Lander Pro menus is too wide and flows into two rows. Is there a way to adjust a menu item’s width?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sometimes reducing menu font size or menu item’s width in theme settings is enough to get rid of the second row. If that does not work for you, try to reorganize your pages to reduce the number of links. If that is out of question, perhaps you can employ an additional menu stack…

Can you supply a link for us to see the issue?

Thanks for the reply! The issue is with the Lockdown menu, 'The Forgotten.

Kind regards.

I’m not certain that I perfectly understand what the issue is, but if it is that the dropdown menu on the page URL you supplied is breaking into several lines and looking like:-

And you WANT it to look more like:-

Then you could add this CSS to the global CSS code container:

#navcontainer ul li {
    max-width: 340px;

Please let me know if I have misunderstood your objectives. :slight_smile:

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Or if you wanted to achieve something close to this:

use this instead:

#navcontainer ul ul a {
    font-size: 10px;

Again - I may not have understood precisely what you need?

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But in all cases… search the theme options ( I don’t own that one ) for vendor supplied options to solve issues like this before considering custom code :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly what I want. Thanks you so much for your help!

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My pleasure Peter. Anytime :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly what I need. Thank you so much for your help:-)