SuperMenu (S4S) Dropdown panel width adjustment

RE: SuperMenu stack (stacks4stacks)
Can someone tell me how to control the width of background on the dropdown panel? There is a max-width setting for the panel and it does control the text in the dropdown but not the background. The background is always full page width.

The pic shows the gray shading for the pulldown stretching across entire screen. The dropdown panel width is set approximately same width as the main heading panel.

Themeflood “Blank” theme - SuperMenu stacks inside of AdaptiveGrid stack.

Maybe try the free UsefulStack

I actually use UsefulStack like crazy! Set a max width in Useful Stack with SuperMenu in it. The dropdown background shading still went full width. The text items are respecting width settings but not the background shading.

I hadn’t tried, sorry it doesn’t work!

That’s fine and was a good suggestion. Thanks for replying to my post.

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