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(Björn Rydberg) #1

Is it a way to do something similar in RW ? [12|690x421]

(NeilUK) #2

The image you tried to upload isn’t visible. Impossible to see what you’re looking to achieve.

(Björn Rydberg) #3

I need that people can insert their name and email

(Doug Bennett) #4

Yes, you can create a contact form.
That looks like a newsletter signup?
If so is it a service like MailChimp?

(Björn Rydberg) #5

yes but it is one time fee, theme or plugin to design that?

(Doug Bennett) #6

Not sure what your asking, There is a built-in contact form plug-in that allows you to send an email form from your website.
If you use a mail service like MailChimp, most have a different type of accounts based on features, and the number of subscribers. They also provide code “snippets” to allow you to add a signup form to your site.
There are also some 3rd party stacks and plugins for setting up forms.

(Björn Rydberg) #7

I know all about emailservice provider, my concern is to design the page

(NeilUK) #8

If you’re using Mailchimp, for example, they provide a code snippet that will allow you to put the signup form on your page.

If you’re not using Mailchimp, the provider might also have a code snippet for you. I’m not sure if you’re using Stacks, a theme or what so it’s difficult to assess what you need.

If you do use Stacks, Joe Workman’s Post Office stack would probably help you.

(Jan Fuellemann) #9

Hi - you only have to pay once for the program RapidWeaver and only once for every Add-On, some of them are even free. The only recurring costs are for your hosting services.

If you want to design your page with another service, like you normally pay each month for using it. If you choose such a service, please be 100% sure they are compliant to the GDPR which be in effect May 25th.

(Björn Rydberg) #10

I have rw since dayone
but I have never seen a page like that

(Doug Bennett) #11

What about the page is unique?
The layout is appears to be very simple two column, the sign up form depending on what you’re doing with the information should be pretty easy.
You haven’t said what mail service you might be using or if you’re using one.

(Björn Rydberg) #12

The thing is that I don’t know how to insert the form, I have also form loom

(system) #13

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