Creating a Basic Landing Page

I’m fairly new to web design and maintenance. I have a simple new rapidweaver 8 built website (using mountains theme, loosely), and I’m quite happy with it (…

I want to create a very straightforward landing page for some simple ads. The purpose would be to gather email addresses to then send a brief email series of articles. I use mailchimp for my mailing list, and could create a landing page through them (I think), but it’d be nice if it could be in Rapidweaver and I could easily match my style.

Is there an easy way to create a stand alone page that looks like my theme, has a spot for mailchimps email collection, and then would be shut down and return to the home page? One that doesn’t require some additional purchase? If not, is there a relatively inexpensive add one for this?

Thank you!

No reason you can’t build it right in your project, turn off show in nav.
Mail chimp has email sign up widgets. The probably even have a redirect on success (although I don’t remember for sure)

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