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I have been ask to add a “Click here to subscribe to my monthly newsletter” link to a Rapidweaver site I designed and sort of manage, pro bono. They also ask me what program to use to manage all the emails, and how to send the monthly mails out. Is there a stack for this? Thank you in advanced from sunny Maui. Aloha

Collecting email addresses could be done by using an RW’s basic contact form or specific contact from stack. Managing a database and create monthly emails you have various options as well.

A good place to start is to use keyword search at

But here’s few popular options tough there are many others :slight_smile:

Hope you find easily right one for you.

Hi, to manage newsletter subscriptions, please use an extra-Service that is GDPR conform, like I am not a lawyer and this is not a consultation, but you need e.g. a Double opt-in and will need to be able to proof that everyone subscribed with consent.


In the U.S. (Hawaii) you won’t need to be GDPR compliant. There are anti-spam laws that have to be followed, like being able to opt out, have a physical address and lots more. Most people who are managing a mail list, use an outside service such as Mailchimp or one of its many competitors. Most offer free accounts for smaller lists and ensure that you are compliant to any legal requirements.
You would need to add the signup form on your site, and there are stacks like post-office mentioned above that can make that easier. Or you can usually get an HTML snippet from the provider.

As for composing the newsletter providers like MailChimp have online templates to build mailings like newsletters online. If you need something a bit more complicated than you can have a look at this post:


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