Layout erros and missing pix since update RW7

(Simon Scardanelli) #1

Hi All, weird behaviour since I updated RW7 some time ago - only just spotted it though so do not know which iteration caused it, very annoying as it looks as if I’ll have to completely rebuild the page, wanted attach screen grabs but cannot see how. Rather hard to describe - jpegs completely jumbled under edit view, look OK in Preview, but when uploaded to site some are missing and a question mark sits instead of the jpeg, used to be fine and all the files are on the server…is it not possible to add screenshots here??

If anyone can suggest a simple stack that would allow me to add pix as in the page here
At the moment that was created using styled text, but when I try and re-create it using stacks columns I cannot get the vertical spacing between each row to be easily set, it was so simple with styled text but obviously RW7 hates this…

(Simon Scardanelli) #2

OK I’ve sorted it using 4 column stacks and a free spacer stack, now I can’t upload the site as the ftp seems to no longer work…next time it asks if I want to update RW, and it’s working well, I’ll not bother…lesson learnt.

(David) #3

Simon - to add images just drag them into the message.

(Simon Scardanelli) #4

Thanks David, I’ll do that in future

(Greg Schneck) #5

Simon… check out your site on a phone… Have you considered converting to a responsive site…

(Simon Scardanelli) #6

yes but I don’t do code or tricky stuff so I’m rather stuck with this old template I’m afraid - I need to be able to drag images and design elements in very simply, and everything I’ve tried since then just doesn’t cut it…if there’s a template that’ll do that and look simple and not geeky corporate then please point me at it!

(Simon Scardanelli) #7

what I mean is I was able to alter the css for the banner on this old template to create the banner I have, and that was about as far as I could go, I tried the “blank” template but somehow that was even harder to work with and make look good.

(Greg Schneck) #8

Just consider that more people now use mobile than desktop. I’m afraid a mobile user cannot use your site. Everything is too small. Is you Theme not responsive? Does it have a responsive option? Do you have Stacks3 addon? Your site looks really nice on a large screen but it can’t be used on phones.

(Simon Scardanelli) #9

Thanks Greg - appreciate the feedback, I’d welcome suggestions for templates that might help me create a a responsive site! I guess it’s time, but where to find?

(Simon Scardanelli) #10

OK so I downloaded the Foundation Theme to try and create a simple, responsive theme of my own. Why is there always a rectangular white box in the page - whether I add a Styled Text or Stack page, I’ve set an image for background which works well, but I cannot seem to add elements without this darn rectangle! Any help gratefully received. All I want to do is have a background image and overlay text and ifarmes etc.

(scott williams) #11

almost impossible to help without a URL. a URL lets people examine your code and see whats going on.

You can always publish to a temp folder and set page to not show in nav if you are working on a new page for an existing site.

(Simon Scardanelli) #12

Oh dear well I think I’ll give up trying to design a website myself, all I wanted to do was add a menu across the page, haven’t got even far enough to do anymore than create the first page with a background image, so no point in publishing it to file or otherwise. I thought there’d be a simple way of adding a menu bar to a master page created from a blank, there isn’t as far as I can tell so I guess it’s trawl through hundreds of buyable Themes and find one that looks OK…I’ve now spent most of the afternoon on this as a result of being told that my website is non-responsive and I really ought to update it, but I’m not a web designer - just want the simplest web site as currently at but responsive - ho hum, thanks for your suggestions everyone but I think the task is not achievable in RW to someone without fairly developed web design skills…

(scott williams) #13

you mentioned you were using foundation. Did you also get the foundation stacks?

the default menu is called TopBar, just drag that stack onto your new stacks page and you will see the menu

(Simon Scardanelli) #14

No, I didn’t - but now I’ve visited the site again - hadn’t realised the theme was useless without another 100 bucks worth of add-in stacks, plus another 30 bucks to update from stacks 2.7 to 3…130 dollars is not in the budget for my needs.

(NeilUK) #15

Yep, everything that developers spend countless hours on building and updating should be FREE, not.

(Simon Scardanelli) #16

Hey NeilUK ! I wasn’t for one moment suggesting it should be free dammit! Simply that an investment of 130 dollars for my not terribly commercially viable website is not on the cards, I will most likely buy a 20 buck Theme from Blueball or similar. I run a recording studio and have thousands of pounds worth of plugins for my Pro Tools, Logic etc and not one crack or illegal piece of software on the entire system, I whole-heartedly support developers from small companies like Tritone Digital to the monolithic Waves, t’s just that there are priorities - and doing one’s own website as opposed to using Wix or whatever has to have its limitations - both in terms of financial investment and time spent learning how to build it.