Non-responsive site

am a brand-new newbie, demoing rapidweaver (day2)… and it’s been… interesting. using the ‘bravo’ theme at the moment.

my site previews fine in the app (ie simulating iphone 8, or an ipad), but, in the real world, it is not responsive on an actual do i fix this?

the site is: upstatebrooklyn

looked so good in the simulation! thought it would ‘just work’…

thanx in advance.

The Bravo theme isn’t a responsive theme, it’s a very old early Rapidweaver theme probably included to keep long term users happy. You will need to select one of the Rapidweaver 7 or 8 themes from the themes button.

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ah, got it. so the ‘simulation’ is just that, regardless of whether a theme supports ‘responsiveness’?

anyway, will explore the newer themes. thanks so much

EDIT: works perfectly (too bad i lost some of the things about that theme i liked). but am in business!

There are loads of ready made 3rd party themes available, at a cost of course!!

Check out the Addons section here:

If you are really keen about designing sites then the next best step would be an Add-on called Stacks 4, it is similar to building a site out of Lego. There are then over 1,000 ‘stacks’ that can be added to the Stacks 4 Add-on to give to you extra features. It can get expensive so don’t go too mad.

Another option… Grab Stacks 4 if you are not using it. Most of the community can’t imagine RapidWeaver without Stacks4. Once you have Stacks you can obtain “stacks” that do about anything you wish. An option for your theme is to use a Blank theme and create your own “theme.” There’s a free Blank theme at I’m sure there are others too.

Once you have Stacks4 learn to use Partials. With a blank theme they come in handy for headers, footers, and such… I now build build all my pages as Stacks pages. In my view Stacks is as important as Rapidweaver itself.


am back… so much to learn.

i set up another site (a test), using the voyager theme. it looked great on my phone… until i realized: there’s a huge blank area on the right. how do i fix this? thanks in advance!

right side on device :frowning:

EDIT: FIXED! my fault, i created divider lines that were too long… am getting there!

if you are talking about the space next to your pictures…they are left justified!!
other then that…looks ok.

am working with the limitations of the template; will investigate stacks, etc… but for now, trying to keep it simple (am NOT a webdesigner)… thanks

You can still set the position in Styled text page…

maybe i have too much of

and >br> etc, or something in the main page edit window, but… only 2 images move to center, and none of the text does (when i select that); justify right does nothing.

am good for now, will come back to this. thanks, as always

It must be selected.

i’ve done that; i can move 2 images, and none of the text…

Did you type the text in RW or copy from another app? If you copy any text into RW, you need to either use the Paste as Plain Text option in the Edit menu or you need to select the text after pasting and use Clear Formatting from the Format menu.

Try selecting your text and using the clear formatting feature then re-try the alignment change.

When you copy text from other apps, a lot of times you also copy a lot of hidden formatting information. This can prevent the formatting in RW from working properly. This is standard with any web editors. You never want them to have the formatting included from text processing apps.

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that’s exactly what’s happened. will explore this, thanks for the info!

everything is working well here now; thanks all for the help; great forum!

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