RapidWeaver 7.3 - Tell us what you need!

Hey guys,

We’re busy working on RapidWeasver 7.3 and we’d love to know what things you need us to add or fix for this next release.

Let us know and we’ll do our best to get the most popular suggestions into the next release.

Happy Weaving!



What should be awesome are 2 related things… export to pdf or jpg each page file in full, so that I can print and compare pages. Also, a “collect” option… a way to collect all associated files used in RW… including warehoused images. Not sure how easy either of those are since they’ve never been offered before.


I would love to have Blocs into a stack !! would this be possible?
so i could design a free content of a block (font, positioning etc…) and get this inside a stack capsule.

please tell me that you would be able to do so…

i know christmas is gone already but it would change my life!!.


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Something I noticed when using @barchard’s SEO RX - https://www.chillidogsoftware.com/chillidog-software-rapidweaver-stacks/seo-rx/, I see this “js in head” recommendation on every page. Not being a programmer, I’m not sure exactly what it means, but it docks me SEO points on all my pages…

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a Sitemap that Google parses

There are 3 errors (- multiple sources will not parse it)

Also option to show blog pages on sitemap page

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A very annoying issue in RW for a long time.
When we add a stack, or when we change a content, RW brings us back to the top of the page. Each time. 1000 per days :frowning:


Agreed. I realize this is supposed to be related to bad code… but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to fix this on any of my pages. Is this a stacks problem, though, not RW?

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Lisa: The page you link to gives very clear directions on how to identify the “culprit”. If you’ve done @isaiah 's 4 iterative steps then you (and @bendeparis ) will have gone a long ways toward identifying the source of the problem. Isaiah is very helpful, but it helps him tremendously if the source of the problem has been narrowed down.

I also used to have this problem for awhile. I don’t remember what ended up being the cause, but it wasn’t a bug in a stack. It was user-error on my part. And it is very annoying. But keep in mind it’s likely not a RW or Stacks problem.


@jbob - In case you didn’t know… you can do this (blog pages) with SiteMap from YourHead.

A Sitemap tool that allows for split projects (one site as several project files) and does not slow things down.


I understand that, Matthew. I’m just saying it shouldn’t happen in edit mode, specifically unless you can tell why… give me something I can follow… give me an error message so I can find it. I can’t remember which version this stared happening in, but it was after 7.1, I think.

I have it right here 1611 - blog pages button ticked - blog pages do NOT show up in the XML file


This would be a Theme and stacks issue. The message means you have Javascript in the head section of HTML page. The Theme could be doing this and Stacks that use javascript do this as well. Foundations has an SEO helper stack that converts the page to PHP and moves all JS to the bottom of the body section. @joeworkman had mentioned in one of his videos he might make that available as a stand alone stack.

I understand that, Matthew. I’m just saying it shouldn’t happen in edit mode, specifically unless you can tell why… give me something I can follow… give me an error message so I can find it. I can’t remember which version this stared happening in, but it was after 7.1, I think.

This is unrelated to RapidWeaver itself. This jumpiness of Edit Mode returning to the top of the page is being caused by some incorrect code within one, or more of the stacks on the page. There is no way for Stacks or RapidWeaver to present you with an error message as the problem is within the stack, or stacks themselves and isn’t executable code, but more likely some sort of CSS, HTML or javascript.

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@teefers I don’t use Foundation, and unless I misunderstood, @willwood told me he’s done his part with my theme: “This cannot be changed. I already put theme JS at the bottom of the page. Stacks has always put its code at the top. Something to perhaps file as a feature request.” So I guess it;s a stacks issue, along with the jumpiness in Edit mode?

Lisa: But have you tried Isaiah’s recommendations? I get that you want an error message, but as others have mentioned … that’s not going to happen for understandable reasons.

I also use Volcano theme. And I use a fair number of stacks. It really is worth duplicating a “bad” page, taking out half the stacks, see if problem persists, etc. etc. as Isaiah suggests. I may be dense here but it does not sound like you’ve done that. It’s worth your time.

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Matthew: I did that with a couple of pages and the problem is I have a lot of pages and use a lot of stacks and code. I just don’t think I should have to spend all that time, and if there is an issue, what do I do, just not use that stack that caused problems? I guess I have no choice :frowning: thanks

Lisa: We don’t know what’s the real problem. And I understand your frustrations. But … the likelihood is there aren’t a bunch of different things causing the problem. There’s probably one stack, or bit of code, that gets repeated again and again across several pages. (There’s not guarantee of this, but that’s the likely scenario.) Once a source has been identified then it’s very likely Isaiah and the stack developer (or whomever else) can fix the problem.

OTOH, just send your RW project file to @isaiah. I’m sure he’d be willing to take a look at it for you. He may not be able to solve it himself (especially if it involves another stack developer’s code) but he can certainly facilitate.


Matthew- took your advice and messaged @isaiah . Seems to be, of all things, simple RW text and html stacks doing it. Again, no idea what I should do because they are just RW text stacks. No curly quotes and same code I was using before all this started happening. Hopefully he can shed some light. thx

Automatic 3rd Party Theme Updates, the same way the other Plugins update would be really useful.