Leave menu bar fixed on top when scrolled


Needing help on figuring out how to get the navigation bar to scroll up and stop at top of page while continuing to scroll. I don’t know enough to be able to know which direction to go. How do I go about doing this using html/css? I’m using rapidweaver 5.

Pin by Big White Duck should do that for you.

I don’t know if Pin can do it if the menu isn’t it’s own stack (like Top Bar, for example).

You are going to have to change themes which have that as an option. Pin nor any other stack will do what you want.

Sure, you need to put a menu stack (or code) inside Pin. I use this system with Volcano theme.

Hi Bob, as far as I know, you have that option on Volcano: Title Bar Layout “Fixed or Scrolling”. I think PIN is not required.


If you are not interested in Volcano theme then you can search for a video tutorial or visit the FAQ in here http://rapidweaverfaq.org/

Hi, Pedro. Yeah, I know that, but on some specific pages I need an extra menu that is not supposed to be seen on most pages (something like an internal menu for one specific section of the site). That’s where I use Pin with an additional menu in it.

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Of course Bob, excellent resource in this situation


Foundation Top Bar has the option to keep menu bar sticky when scrolling