Top bar with just a menu button pointing to a menu page

I’m going round in rings trying to set up what I thought would be a very simple task.
I’d like a top bar with nothing other than a menu button in the centre pointing to a menu page. (Something like the BWD home page).
I have the Foundation Top Bar Stack and BWD Top Bar Surgeon.
There must be a simple way of doing this without resorting to either HTML or CSS. (Not strong on these).
Any takers please.

Many thanks

If all you want is a bar with a button in it then you could simply use a Pin Stack with a button in it.

In your top bar settings, if you set it to ‘Full Menu at: Never’, (and setting it to align center) would that work? Then you’d always have the mobile menu drop down icon. Or am I missing what you’re trying to do?

To Tav and Jabostick
Thank you both. My apologies I omitted one important point. I would like this to be a FIXED top bar. Your idea of the Pin stack works OK Tav but can I make a Pin Stack FIXED? I’ve never used it before and was not sure what it was for. At first site there is no Fixed alternative but if I’m missing something please correct me.
Jabostick - I’ll try that now. Should that be just in the Foundation Top Bar settings?
Sorry both, I’m very new to this and getting on in years. The mind is not as nimble as it once was.

My thanks again

The Pin Stack works perfectly for my needs Tav except for not being able to FIX it. I’ve tried all the settings but cannot prevent it from going off the top of the screen.
Any further ideas please?

Yep, under Top Bar setup. I have it on my site, but it isn’t set to align centre ( That’s just a drop down menu, though, not sure if that is what you’re trying to do or if you have something else in mind.

I did get that far in my early attempts but what I’m actually after is opening a new page in which to load the menus from scratch. I have a large number of sub-navs in the project I’m working on and need the space to define them.
I’ll keep trying but any further help would be appreciated.
My thanks again

All you need to do is set the pin stack Position setting to Fixed and choose the background colour and you should be good to go.

Here is a little example project with a centered ButtonPlus in a fixed Pin stack to show how I would do it.


I notice that your demo was in RW6 and I’ve just updated to RW7. Yours worked perfectly so I deleted what I’d been playing with and started again. Copied all your settings and HEY! all is well. I must have had something set incorrectly to give the results I was getting.
Many, many thanks, I can move forward again now but I’m sure there will be more head scratching and questions to ask before I’ve done.

Kindest regards

Glad it sorted it out for you. I did it in RW6 as I wasn’t sure which version you were using. RW6 files open fine in RW7 and the app automatically makes a RW7 copy of the file so win win!