Letterpress (Joe Workman stack) - index/exponent

Hello, I use the Stack Letterpress (1.7.0) for years with happiness: thank you Joe …: wink:

But I encounter a little difficulty: in a Stack Letterpress text, how can we qualify characters in index and exponent? … I tried the codes html sup and sub: in the editor of RW and in the preview window, the characters are perfectly displayed, but online, indices and exponents are not taken into account! …

Do you have a solution? … Thank you for your help …

Calling @joeworkman

Got a URL that we can look at?

Good evening and thank you very much for your attention.
Here is a screenshot of the two highlighted texts:

It’s your theme that is trashing the styles, not Letterpress. The CSS should fix it.

sup {

Wow! Joe, you are my hero!
Everything is now displayed correctly: Thank you very much … :grinning:

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