Font size plus 1 for Japanese fonts?

I have website that is mostly in English, with a few pages for Teachers in Japanese.
Japanese fonts I’ve found need to be 1 or 2 pts higher than theme sets for English fonts.
I’ve tried the HTML feature in RW but that makes the Japanese font larger in bold, and does not increase the spacing between the lines so is illegible.
Is there a straightforward solution that would look nice on desktops and mobiles please? I only have few paragraphs of text in stacks.
Thank you

Maybe the Viewport Text Stack. Find here:

Hi Kunstmaler,
Thank you for the suggestion. Using the stack I was able to adjust the spacing between each line of text, but unable to just the character size.
Thank you. Worth a try.

When I checked the font for the smaller Japanese text, it’s formatted as 12pt. Have you tried selecting the text and using “Bigger” from the Format menu? You’ll likely have to select “Bigger” it a number of times to get to where you want.

As Don pointed out, since you are using the text stack, that’s styled text. There are a ton on <span> within that have inline styling.

That will make it hard to try and bump the font size with some easy CSS.

You could also try putting a markdown stack on the page and pasting in the Japanese. Then the theme defaults for <p> would get applied and no inline styling.

I had another thought after Doug posted his reply.

Try this CSS in the page or site-wide inspector.

span[style~="font:12px"] {
  font-size:16px !important;

That should target only the span tags setting the font-size to 12px. You can change the 16px to whatever font size you’d like the text to be.

Hello everyone,
Thank you all for your time and suggestions !
I did try a google fonts stack as there are a small number of Japanese fonts but I couldn’t get the fonts or sizing to work.
DLH - The custom CSS changing everything at 12pt to 16 works a treat, thank you. There is only Japanese text on that page so it looks fine.
Thank you

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