License key - solutions to the current setup?

(Bob Afifi) #1

My two-year old iMac recently died and I had to buy a new machine. Fortunately, my last TimeMachine backup was only an hour before the crash and so on restore, my new computer looked identical to what I had. I launched RapidWeaver and was prompted to enter my license key, which I did. It was not accepted, and no reason was given why. I wrote Realmac and eight days later received a reply from Brian LaPan saying

I’ve added an activation for you now so you can use it on your new iMac. You were already at the max installs (2).

I then replied:

Thank you Brian. Seems like there should be a way for customers to see their registered machines and activate/deactivate licenses online, like Amazon does with credit cards registrations (add new card, delete expired card). I spent far too much time trying to figure out why my license wouldn’t work, and no message was given that it was because I was already at my license limit.


He wrote back

That’s a great idea but unfortunately not handled on our side. I’ve suggested it to Paddle before, but maybe you could too ( because the more requests the more likely it’ll happen.



Anybody else have other suggestions to fix this license key biz?