License Question

One of my clients has a business that is not doing too well and she has taken advantage of a government funded business support opportunity who will assist with her website free of charge for a year. In order to do this, the website that I built and currently host has to be moved to the hosting used by the business support organisation. they take over from there.

I doubt they have a Rapidweaver environment so don’t know how they plan to make modifications - but my main question is what happens as far as the licenses for RW7, Plug-ins such as Stacks 3, Formloom and Payloom, and assorted stacks are concerned. Whilst I host and support the site it is all covered by my licenses but surely this won’t apply if another organisation takes over.

Any ideas? Thanks

I think the RW license is for the development environment not the sites you develop with them. That should be true for the plugins and stacks unless you have some of the per domain type.
So the new developers would need to acquire there own licenses for these products (and probably a Mac) to use them. You could certainly share your project files and resources with them but not the software or add ons.

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I can only speak with authority about YourHead, of course – but I think most developers around here are pretty closely aligned…

Most licenses are “per user” – meaning that each individual needs to purchase their own license. If you handoff a project, whether that’s to another designer, or to a company, or a government agency their designers will need their own licenses to use the software.

I think the exception here are products that have a service component (like CMSs) – that are often licensed per-site. In that case you’ll have to check with the specific product about how they expect handoff to work.


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