Using RapidWeaver on my two computers

Hi, I’ve been away from RapidWeaver for several years now and I’m considering coming back, especially with a current terrific deal from MacHeist Deals. I only design, build and maintain my own site. The thing is that I spend a couple of months in one city and work on my iMac and then a couple of months in another city where I work on my MacBook Pro.

I’m wondering the following before I buy and dive into RapidWeaver again:

Can I install one copy RapidWeaver on both of my computers or do I have to buy two copies? Then, can I copy all of my RW files from the iMac to the MacBook, take it out of town with me, continue work on the latter, and later, when I get back from out of town, copy all of my RW files from the MacBook back to the iMac and continue working.

Note that I’m talking about designing, building, and re-designing my site, not just content changes for which I understand there are now CMS products that work with RW online.

Thanks for answering my questions.


One license of RW is good for up to 5 machines now, I believe. Before it used to be 2, so you’d still be covered.

You can also select a custom/external addons folder (e.g.: dropbox) and store your project files there as well, which makes swapping between two machines easier. You just have to be careful to close out your files when you’re finished so you don’t open the same file on different machines.


Thanks for the information. That’s good news. I’ll probably use iCloud instead of Dropbox.

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