Licenses/Serial keys

I bought my Rapidweaver 8 from the Apple App Store about four or five years ago. Where can I find the Licenses/Serial key? I want to install it again on a new MacAir Book.

Hi @japanbobtuna,

There isn’t a license key for purchases that were made through the Mac App Store. If you log into your Apple account that you made the purchase from, you might be able to re-download the app from your purchase history.

If not, please send us an email at so we can get it sorted for you.

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Thanks. I did that now, how do I reinstall my stacks 3? I tried and keep getting this prompt to update plugins, which prompts me to upgrade to Classic Rapidweaver.

Hi @japanbobtuna,

If you need to download Stacks 3 you can do so from their archive page here.

If you are using a new Mac with Apple Silicon (M1, M2, M3) and you want to try and use Stacks 3, you’d need to use Rosetta mode (not sure it would work for Stacks 3, but give it a try). There’s a guide here on how to do that.

If that doesn’t work, you’d need to update your version of Stacks to the latest version (Stacks 5) if you wanted to continue using Stacks on your new Mac.

Let us know if you encounter any troubles, but if you have any specific questions about Stacks, please reach out to YourHead Software directly, or you can ask in the Stacks category here on the forum where a community member might be able to help.

Thank you.

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