Lost my settings files for RW8 and need to reconstitute

Can someone please help a novice? My Mac had crashed and I had to reinstall Big Sur, but could not reinstall the User Account settings, only the Applications. I have a clone of the Macintosh HD drive, though it is six months old, so not totally up to date. As I have lost the RW8 settings, the app starts as afresh installation, unaware that I have purchased Stack, for example. How can I

  1. Reinstall Stacks on the fresh copy?
  2. More importantly, reconstitute my three website editing files? I found some of these on the old clone.

Can anyone describe how this is done - which files do I need (Suffixes etc) where will they be found? Do I just move them to the parallel directory on the new installation?

Your help will be much appreciated!

Prof. Haim Bresheeth


First off, You will need to have some serial numbers for RapidWeaver and any purchased plugins.
If you lost them (Vendors emailed them to you), You can look them up.

RapidWeaver 8 allows you to place the addons folder any place you like. If You didn’t change that they buried the location somewhere in the hidden Library folder. I don’t remember the path, but if you open RW Under the RapidWeaver 8 menu item, you will find the Reveal Addons Folder.


That will open up finder and give you the path to the addons folder. You should be able to find that folder on the backup version and copy it to the current drive.

If you moved that addons folder, you will have to do searches on the backup drive. Look for a folder containing other folders named Stacks, Themes and Snippets.

Once you get the addons folder back, you will probably need to reenter the serial numbers.


Thanks, Douglas! This looks promising!

Will try now! I also had Foundry installed, so will look for that as well.

What mess…


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