Moving RW7 to another Mac

I’m trying to move my install of RW7 and site to a new Mac. I’ve so far followed the instructions to first download RW7 onto the new Mac, but when I try to enter my license code I get a message telling me to ensure my email address and license code are correct. Not sure what to do as both email address and reg code are correct. Does anyone have any suggestions?

How many Mac’s have you installed RW7 on? If I remember you were limited to two with 7, RapidWeaver 8 bumps that to 5.

I’m not at my Mac right now,but you can un-register a copy from the RapidWeaver menu if you think that’s the problem.

You can check the license key at the bottom of this support page..

If that doesn’t solve the problem then you should contact support at

You will probably have to re-install all stacks and other 3rd party additions.
That’s what was required after using Time Machine to migrate data to the new machine.

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