Lightbox Color Changing

Can somebody help me with a simple CSS that I can plug in to change the Lightbox to white instead of black? I read a forum but I couldn’t figure out how to implement t it.

You will need to give a ton more of information than this for help.
• What Lightbox stack?
• Do you have a published URL?
• What part of the Lightbox do you want to change?

sorry I mean the built in photo Lightbox. when I click on the image it plays through an a black screen I would like it white.

Looks like you are using the Gallery stack from @instacks rather than the RW gallery page.

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I am but I think it just populates what is on the RW gallery. I’m illeterate in code haha

Got it thanks of the CSS code!
.pswp__bg {
background: #ffffff !important;

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