Png's on photo album page

(Josh Brown) #1

I am using RWs builds in photo album and I am rebuilding my site with a new theme in 7. I noticed that my PNG’s have a black background in the thumbnail and in the lightbox. Is there a way to change the color of that background so that my black pngs show up?

(Rob D) #2

Is there any reason you are using PNGs instead of JPEGs? JPEGs usually make smaller files.

I am guessing, that you’ve made your PNGs with a transparent white background – therefore they assume the color of your website’s background.

(Josh Brown) #3

Typically its just what I provide my clients with for logos(so they are easier for me to work with) Yes the alpha channel is transparent.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #4

The RW default Photo Album converts every photo during publishing into jpg’s. No way to change that in the default photo album.

NB: Of course you are able to use png’s in Gallery Stack 3.

(Rob D) #5

So, as Jannis suggested, looks like you’ll have to use another gallery. There is a great multitude of them to choose from…