How might this lightbox-like effect be done Rapidweaver? A stack?

I ran across this story today and in it several images, when clicked, enlarge a bit and the remainder of the site in which they are embedded goes white, leaving only the image (a graphic) in view. It’s a nice effect. Go here and scroll down the page a bit; click on one of the graphics:

Any thoughts about how this could be done? Are there any lightbox stacks that could be set to do this…by holding a graphic created on a white background then held in a box with no border or shadow, and whiting out everything else?

These type of effects can be made with Expose by Joe Workman.

and a few others that do similar magic:

I’m not at my Mac but you could also consider LiteBox. It’s free.

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Michael: Thanks for providing that example. I like that effect a lot.

At first I did not think LiteBox did this: and it’s a stack I use a lot as it creates auto-lightboxing for single images on my websites. But I was wrong (and Robb was quite correct). Litebox has a nice setting where you can make back and “close” box colors both white, thus getting the same effect. Simple, free, easy to deploy: put it once on your page and it will magically find all images and Lightbox them.

I forgot about Lightbox and it is an extraordinarily useful stack. This is the type of stack that greatly simplifies RW. Brilliant.