A language switch problem RWML

Hi all,
I have an issue with a clients site which is weird. The client is on the page and switches the language from German to English, there is no text in English. It works fine a week before. This issue appears suddenly this week. When I visit the site everything is fine. Both languages visible.
A colleague of mine, sitting in his London office, visited the site and it’s OK. I have no clue what happend. Can it be an firewall thing? Or is it something about their server (provider).
Here’s the URL if someone would be so kind to check this out. Many thanks in advance for your kind help.


Works for me (Chrome, Safari, from Spain and Gibraltar, no firewalls)

(However, small GDPR issue for you and your client: there are still two cookies written even if you reject cookies)

No problem detected from my side (requesting the site from Japan, Safari, no firewall), both German and English version display fine.

Thanks Heiko,

(I’ll check the GDPR issue)

I had exactly the same issue with one of my sites. Suddenly one of the languages disappeared on my browser. Other users had no problem. I think it has to do with the setting in your browser. RWML works with an innocent cookie that remembers your first language choice.

I wouldn’t worry too much.


Hi Hans,
to be honest, I do not worry that much. But the client does. The have it on 3 Computers (Windows :upside_down_face:) So I just asked to be on the save side. Sometimes some setting is clicked and you did not recognize… :cowboy_hat_face:

Have a nice one!

And on my side of the line, your site works just fine. :+1:


thx - good to know

Another question came along. Someone told me, that there is a snippet or kind of a htaccess which emptys the browser cache of the visitor before loading the page?
I think no, because this has to interven into the visitors browser. A refresh yes, but not to emty the cache.

What do you think

I am not aware of any way to delete a clients browser cache and to be honest, that’s the worst idea I’ve ever heart of. There’s no point where the site owner should delete data from a clients browser.

There a several ways to avoid caching by adding random parameters to filenames or setting cache headers and such.

Hi Heiko,
thanks. That’s exactly what I thought. So maybe a refresh would be the easiest way. For I’m not a coder, I’ll gonna explain it tothem that it’s not possible to change anything from the the website itself.

Thanks again, have a nice evening and take care!!! :mask:


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