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I’m looking around for a stack solution to implement a very small e-commerce like site for a no-profit association.

What we need is the ability to sell seats for courses now and then, e.g. we might have 15 seats available on a single date course on day1, 10 seats on another on day 2 and 20 on day3 and so on. This will probably happen no more than 20 - 50 times a year, so I suppose we don’t really need a proper e-commerce platform. But we’d need seats processing and at least e-mail or - better - backend confirmation. Having off-site payment options would be great, too though I think that would be possible with something like Booking stack.

I was looking at cart2/checkout/booking from Yuzool to get things going and at Sitelok to manage membership calendar, data and so on. I will eventually set up the integration in the backend with the membership pages and the calendars, but of course I would not want to patch any stack :slight_smile:

What I’m not so sure about is the ability of Cart2 or Checkout stacks to cope with the limited seats available, i.e. is there any automatic processing of available seats or would we end up with having over-booking if we don’t constantly republish the RW site as soon as orders flow in?

I was looking at Cartloom, too, but it’s very different from what I remember seeing years ago, now the free plan does not accept payments at all and the association would prefer not to pay a monthly fee if/when no course is being organized. I saw the Ecwid plugin and the latest RapidCart but they seem overkill anyway. I’m not part of the association and they would have nobody capable to follow any of this, that’s why I would prefer to have a tiny solution tailored in.

If you’ve got comments, answers or any other suggestions, please comment! :slight_smile:
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Doesn’t sound like theres anything simple/limited about that setup :).

Maybe check at and see if one of the reservation or calendar scripts would fit?

I am a fan of Ecwid but the free plan is limited to 10 items which may possibly still work if you do some clever setting up of the products (I.e you can set up variations on a single item, you can delete items as classes are in the past, etc).

:slight_smile: maybe it’s not that limited indeed. The point is that since courses will probably be one-shot only, there’s no need to have a real catalogue. That’s why I thought Cart2 or Checkout from yuzool would fit, but I’m not sure about the seats/quantities issue. Thank you for the php repositories which I’ll dive into for the backend integration.

I did a site for a non-profit Art society and they used Ecwid as their registration (even though many of the classes were free).
They had a more limited offering than it sounds like what you have but it worked well for them as they could set limits on inventory (ie class spots) and what would normally be an item option (Red, green, blue) were class times or topics, and then they’d replace it once the date has passed, so they could spread their 10-item limit further.
I don’t recall if Cart has an item limit option or not but it would also require you (or someone with rapidweaver) to do all the updates for future classes, whereas Ecwid you could hand it off to someone to maintain

Right, separating the association from the updates management via RW is important as well (for my sanity, at least :wink:) . Thanks.

Hey there!

Just a quick note here: Ecwid provides a special offer for non-profits, which I think you can use. See



I did this years ago got a non-profit using Ecwid (no plug in just their snippets)

Here is the events page:

Here is the classes page:

Works great for them, they do all additions,delegations and updates


@makfruit @swilliam
thank you for your suggestions. I will definitely have a look at the Ecwid plugin (though from a rapidweaver 4 past I kept moving away from plugins and just relying on stacks, I definitely prefer it).

You don’t have to have the plugin you can do it with their code snippets in an html stack, it’s easy.

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