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What sort of stacks may I use for cart and payment? Knowing that there are a lot of products on the site, with options to purchase single units and lots …
I work on Foundation

Not knowing what you are selling, how many items, where you are located (VAT and Taxes), it’s challenging for people to make recommendations.

Oh sorry! There will be a hundred small and not very expensive products and I am in France.

The products are make-up removing squares in fabrics and pouches, all handcrafted

There’s a number of options depending on what you want.
Ecwid has a free plugin; they have monthly plans based on the number of products in the store.

There’s also some stacks available for more flexible set up with Ecwid.

There’s also Cartloom that has monthly plans as well.

Rapidcart Pro is available, one time purchase but harder to set up.

And for a simple payment cart there is Paysnap


Thank you soooooo much ! I will take a look at Ecwid and its stacks.
I don’t want Cartloom because you have to pay every month, and when I look at Rapidcart, it’ s seems to hard to set up. And ididn’t know PaySnap, I will take a look.
A big thank you :slight_smile:

Ecwid also charges a monthly charge based on the number of products you offer.

They have a free starter plan that I think work does 10 products. You can squeeze more out of the plan as things like color and size variations don’t count as a separate product.

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