Line break in slogan not sticking

I’m working with the Michael David’s Capture theme and want a double line slogan. At first it was working perfectly with just (hey I typed in the code here and it did a line break instead of showed the code <br />
after the appropriate words, but now it will not stick. I’ve taken it completely out and started over again - same problem. This is how the slogan should appear (centered of course):

Mystic · Author · Composer
Visual Media Artist

Now it looks like this:

Mystic · Author · ComposerVisual
Media Artist

The site is not published yet and I can’t publish a test site because it will mess up the one that is already there that will be completely replaced. But I will send the screenshot copied from ‘View Source’ as soon as I can figure out how to paste it. I’m in RW 15. Thanks.

to upload a screen shot use this button:

to past actual code, put the code in, then select (highlight) it and click this button:

Did you try adding </br> after composer?

Yes. And it worked for a while. But for some reason it’s not doing it now. I will try something. . . Yeah I just tried putting a space between the r and the forward slash because I saw it that way on a code sheet but it doesn’t matter which way I type it – with or without a space, it still sticks Composer and Visual together.

Hey – I just started working on another page and noticed that the line break in the slogan was working! (The cover theme repeats with each page.) So I copied the code from that and it clearly shows the line break code showing up where it’s supposed to! So how do I edit the code of the first page to make it stick I wonder? Here it the code on the page where it’s working:

Very strange!

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