Link Anchor Stack Adding Space On My Page

I’m having trouble with Joe Workman’s Link Anchor stack. It adds space on my page. Do you use this stack? Does it add space on your page? I wrote to their support four days ago, but no response yet. Please compare the two screen shots to see the added space under the horizontal divider.

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For your site, with your theme etc it might be worth adding this CSS to the project or page:

.anchor {
    display: inherit;
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Yes i have seen this spacing issue before but not really investigated it for some reason.

Thanks @indridcold. Your code does fix it. I tested ion other themes, and the spacing is there too. I do think there’s need for an update to the stack to fix this. Code should not be necessary.

The solution is to actually this…

.anchor {
    display: block;

I will get an update out. Thanks.

I have not responded because I am 100% focused on the WS Summit that starts tomorrow.

Thanks Joe. Good luck with the Summit.

The updated Link Anchor stack works great. Thanks Joe.

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