Parallax stack and white space on the right

Hi, i’m using @joeworkman 's Parallax stack on every page of this website:

Recently, I noticed that there is extra white space (padding?) on the right hand side of the banner image (on every page of the site), and I can’t seem to be able to get rid of it. I’ve used Parallax on many websites, and this has never happened before. It doesn’t happen in RW preview, only on the live site.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Not seeing this here, what browser are you using??

Actually, I just checked it now and it’s working fine! Weird! Thanks for checking, @zeebe

It’s all good :slight_smile:

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Good to hear!!


That is weird. I also saw it this morning (just so you know it wasn’t your own computer) but had no idea what would’ve caused it. But it’s indeed fixed on my screen now as well.

Even without seeing it I can tell you exactly what it is.
It’s your browser deciding/not deciding to show the vertical scroll bar, it’s bloody annoying and happens all the time it’s just that we don’t always see it because it only really shows when you have dark/photo full width backgrounds.


So weird! Thanks guys :slight_smile: